Klassen Culture

A Way of Doing Business Since 1963

The Klassen Business Group exists to CREATE VALUE for shareholders, employees and customers. Our Klassen Culture is a set of core values that define who we are and guide our actions every single day.

Our character. Our attitudes. Our actions. We… 

Value People 

We are people focused. We treat everyone with compassion and respect. We build, nurture, and foster long lasting relationships with our partners, customers, and suppliers–so we may invest for the long term.

Are Honest 

We believe in being honest to the core, we are truthful and transparent in all of our actions. Honesty builds trust and when operate with honesty, our customers and partners can rely on us and we all work together more effectively.

Continually Improve 

We take action. We gather data and analyze; we design solutions and implement them; we evaluate the outcomes and repeat. 

Pursue Opportunities 

Our adventurous humility guides our ambition and with balanced determination we drive change and pursue growth while respecting the past and embracing the future.

Our Vision

With an enduring commitment to the stewardship of faith, family, and future, we serve, enrich, and empower our customers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, and the community while striving to innovatively realize the potential of limitless opportunity.